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Navector will attend the 7 th World Congress on Particle Technology

Shanghai Navector leading industrial Filter and screens to be displayed at 7 th World Congress on Particle Technology.

Exhibition Date

May 19-21, 2014

Exhibition Venue

Beijing International Convention Center (No. 8 Beichen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China)

Navector Booth:NO 13

WCPT7 is intended to stimulate discussions on the forefront of research in particle science and technology. The conference will focus on fundamentals of particle science & engineering, particle processing technologies, particulate product engineering, characterization and measurement techniques for particles and particulate systems, as well as modeling and simulation of particle systems.

Themes and Topics: 
1. Particle and Particle System Characterization
a) Fundamentals
b) Instrumentation
c) Particle size and shape characterization
d) Measurements of structure and chemical composition of single particles
e) Measurements of particle velocity and concentration fields
f)  Rheological characterization of suspensions
g) Measurements of interparticle forces
h) Measurements of dynamic particle structuring in shear flows
i)  Particle system monitoring and control
j)  Standards

2. Particle Design: Formulation and Processing
a) Particle formulation and modification
b) Colloids, crystallization and precipitation
c) Modification and dispersion of particles
d) Granulation, compaction, tabletting and encapsulation
e) Nanoparticles and nanocomposite materials – synthesis, handling and application
f)  Particle synthesis via self assembly or microfludics

g) New products, devices and technologies

3. Particle-Fluid System
a) Fundamentals
b) Fluidization and fluid beds
c) Pneumatic and hydraulic conveying
d) Solid-gas and solid-liquid separation
e) Process scaling-up, optimization and control
f)  Fluid/particle systems in bio, food, material, polymer and pharmaceutical processing

g) Fluid/particle reactions in energy and environmental systems

 4. Particulate System and Bulk Solids Technology
a) Mechanics of particulate media
b) Dynamics of granular flow – experiments and modeling
c) Classification, dispersion and filtration of particles
d) Comminution, attrition and agglomeration in granular flows
e) Mixing, blending and segregation
f) Drying and dewatering
g) Dust explosion and process safety in powder handling
h) Process and equipment control, design and scaling-up
i)  Dynamics of non-fluidized gas-particle flow
j)  Stresses and arching in hoppers and bunkers
5. Special Topics
a) Particles in geology, soil mechanics and rock mechanics
b) Particles in soil science and hydrology: soil erosion
c) Particles in pharmaceutical industry and medicine
d) Carbon-based particulate material
e) Particle technology in biology
f)  3D printing
g) Particle technology in power engineering
h) Particulate solid wastes
i)  Particle technology in energy science and engineering
j)  Memorial sessions for founders in the field
Sincerely looking forward to meeting you here!

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